Delphine Marris-Morini



Delphine Marris-Morini received her PhD from the University of Paris Sud in 2004 on the development of high speed silicon modulators. She is a Professor at Paris Sud University and she is also a junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF). Her research interest includes efficient and high speed optoelectronic devices for silicon photonics. Recently she received an ERC starting grant (INsPIRE) on mid-IR photonics chips. She received the bronze medal from CNRS in 2013. She has published over 90 journal papers. She is in charge of the group of Micro and Nanophotonic devices on silicon since 2015.

Laurent Vivien

CNRS researcher


Laurent Vivien received the Ph.D. degree in physics from the Polytechnique School, Palaiseau Cedex, France, in 2001. His Ph.D. Thesis was on nonlinear optical properties of carbon nanotubes for optical limiting.Between 2001 and 2003, he held a postdoctoral position with the Institute of Fundamental Electronics (IEF), Orsay, France, where studied single-mode and polarization-insensitive structures in silicon-on-insulators and the coupling from sub-micrometric waveguides to single mode fiber for optical telecommunication applications. Since 2003 he has joined the CNRS at the Institute of Fundamental Electronics where his activities are related to passive (waveguide, splitters, 90° turns, optical couplers) and active (Si-based optical modulators and Ge on Si photodetectors) micro and nanophotonic devices on silicon for optical interconnects and optical fiber communications.

Eric Cassan



Eric CASSAN obtained the PhD degree in 2000 and the professor degree of the Paris-Sud university (Orsay, FRANCE) in 2009. Since 2000, Eric Cassan has contributed to several French and European projects on on-chip optical interconnects based on the integration of all-silicon passive and active optical devices. In last years, Eric Cassan’s interests have been more and more focused on dispersive phenomena on slow wave effects in photonic crystal structures. This last item seems promising to him to enhance light-matter interactions for all-optical signal processing using non-linear optical processes. Since 2000, Eric CASSAN has signed around 75 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and has participated to 100 international conference communications.

Xavier Leroux


Xavier Le Roux joined the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) as an Engineer in 2004. He is currently working on development and optimization of technological process dedicated to photonics applications and MEMS/NEMS.

Samson Edmond


Vladyslav Vakarin

PhD student

Vladyslav Vakarin received his Master of Science in Nanosciences with specialization in Nanodevices and Nanotechnologies from Paris Sud University (Université Paris Saclay) in 2014. His Master internship was at IEF on “Electrorefraction in Ge/SiGe quantum wells”. His PhD is focused on the study of non-linear optical effects in Ge/SiGe quantum wells at telecom and mid-infrared wavelengths.

Thi-Nhung Vu

PhD student – also at LPN

Thi-Nhung Vu received the Engineer diploma from Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, in 2013, and M. S. degree in Physics (Nanomaterial) from University Pierre and Marie Curie, the same year. She started her PhD in Silicon Photonics group, Institute of Fundamental Electronics in October 2013. She is now working on the study of III-V on silicon low power consumption optical modulator in collaboration with LPN (Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures).

Mathias Berciano

PhD student

Mathias Berciano received his Engineer diploma from ENSSAT, Lannion, in 2015, and a Master degree in Physics with specialization in Nanophotonics from Rennes 1 University the same year. He realized a research internship at IEF on slot waveguide spiral resonators integrated in optoelectronic oscillator for biosensing applications. He is now a PhD student working in the european POPSTAR project on second order nonlinear effects in strained silicon for the development of high speed multiple wavelength photonic circuits in the near-IR wavelength range for data communication applications including optical interconnects and high performance computing systems.

Elena Durán Valdeiglesias

PhD student

Elena Durán Valdeiglesias received her Master’s degree from Universidad de Málaga. She realized a research internship at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) with the Silicon Micro/Nano Photonics group. Currently, she is a PhD student at the Silicon Photonics group, working on the integration of carbon nanotubes onto silicon photonic circuits for the realization of active devices.

Guillaume Marcaud

PhD student – also at OXIDE/C2N

Guillaume Marcaud received his Master’s degree from Université Pierre et Marie Curie on Material Physics in 2015. He joined the Institute of Fundamental Electronics in 2015 to do his PhD in the european POPSTAR project.
The aim of the thesis is to develop innovative photonic and electronic micro-devices by integrating complex epitaxial oxide thin films in heterostructures on silicon and by optimizing their physical properties. This work will be mainly focused on the optimization of the materials (crystalline quality, control of strain fields and interfaces in heterostructures), on the fundamental study of different physical mechanisms at the nanoscale, and on the design of novel photonic devices. This project has two main objectives: inducing giant nonlinear optical properties by strain engineering in silicon to develop innovative photonic devices, and developing an optical tunable photonic system.

Maurin Douix

PhD student – also at ST Microelectronics

Maurin Douix received an international joint master degree in 2014 from Grenoble INP, Politecnico du Torino and EPFL, and an engineering diploma from Grenoble INP, in micro and nanotechnologies for integrated systems. He joined STMicroelectronics for an internship in transistor gate stack simulation and XPS characterization. He is now working in silicon photonics process integration team, for his PhD degree. His objective is the integration of capacitive modulators for next generation datacom links.

Sylvain Guerber

PhD student – also at ST Microelectronics

Sylvain Guerber received his Engineer diploma on embedded systems from ECE Paris, in 2015, and a Master degree in Nanoscience from Paris-Saclay University the same year. He realized an internship at CEA LETI on technological process optimization for Silicon Photonic devices. He is now a PhD student working in cooperation with STMicroelectronics on Silicon Nitride integration and device development for high performance data communication transceivers.

Thi-Phuong Do

PhD student – also at LPQM

Thi-Phuong Do received her Master’s degree from University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (Vietnam). Currently, she is a PhD student working in collaboration with LPQM (Laboratoire de photonique quantique et moléculaire, ENS Paris Saclay). The aim of her PhD subject is to design and fabricate an optical micro-ring resonator to be replaced for fiber optic in optoelectronic oscillator (OEO) system, this resonator also is expected to work like a biosensor to measure a refractive index change of bio-solution.

Dorian Oser

PhD student

Dorian Oser received his Master of Science in Nanosciences from University Paris Saclay in 2016. His Master internship was at LMGP in Grenoble on “Silver Nanowire”. His PhD is focused on the integration of quantum functionalities in silicon.

Qiankun Liu

PhD student

Qiankun Liu received his B.S. from Université de Lorraine in 2014 and Master degree on Nanosciences with specialization in Nanodevices and Nanotechnologies from University Paris Sud (Université Paris Saclay) in 2016. His Master internship was at IEF on “SiGe/Ge photonic integrated circuits for sensing application”. He is now a PhD student working on the same project as his master internship.

Carlos Alonso-Ramos

Post-doc researcher

Carlos Alonso-Ramos obtained his PhD in Telecommunications in June 2014 at the Universidad de Málaga on the development of high-performance integrated photonic circuits for chip interconnects and next generation coherent transceivers. Currently he is working on the hybrid integration of carbon nanotubes on Si for the realization of active devices and the development of sub-wavelength engineered devices for applications in the near- and mid-IR.

Papichaya Chaisakul

Post-doc researcher

Papichaya Chaisakul works on SiGe/Ge heterostructures to develop emitters, modulators and photodetectors. He received an Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Molecular Nano- and Bio- Photonics (MONABIPHOT) from ENS Cachan in 2009. He graduated with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in 2004.

Joan-Manel Ramirez

Post-doc researcher

Joan Manel Ramírez received his PhD from the University of Barcelona in 2015 on rare-earth doped silicon-based light Emitting devices, under the supervision of Prof. Blas Garrido. His work on Er-doped slot waveguides lead to the first experimental demonstration of a fully integrated light emitting Er-doped slot waveguide electrically pumped operating at 1.54 µm, in collaboration with the NanoLab (Univ. of Trento) and the CEA-Leti. He has authored 9 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and participated as co-author in other 14. Also, he has participated in more than 20 conferences (including 4 invited talks) and contributed to a book chapter (ISBN 9789814463638). In addition, he has reviewed several papers in the following peer-reviewed journals: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Journal of Vacuum Science &Technology B, Optical Materials Express, Optics Letters and Plasmonics. During his PhD, he participated in two national projects (LASSI, TEC-2009-08359 and LEOMIS, TEC2012-38540-C02-01) and two European projects from the FP7 call (HELIOS, ICT-FP7- 224312 and NASCENT, NMP4-SL-2010-245977). Highlighted awards received stand for the EMRS best poster award in 2013 (Strasbourg – Spring Meeting 27-31 May) and the best student oral presentation at the SPIE Photonics Europe 2014 (Brussels – 13-17 April).
He joined the Silicon Photonic team at IEF in 2015 to study the non-linear properties of multiple Si/SiGe quantum wells in the mid-infrared wavelength range, in the framework of the INsPIRE project.

Daniel Benedikovic

Post-doc researcher

Daniel Benedikovic obtained his Ph.D degree in Telecommunications in April 2015 at University of Žilina, Slovakia on the development of high-efficiency sub-wavelength index engineered fiber-chip surface grating couplers for applications in silicon photonics telecom and datacom optical interconnects. Presently, his research work includes the generation of frequency combs in the near-IR spectral region and development of integrated photonic components, utilizing principles of sub-wavelength refractive index engineering.

Diego Perez-Galacho

Post-doc researcher

Diego Pérez-Galacho received the MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from Málaga University (Spain) in 2011. From 2011 until September 2013 he was working in the design of coherent receivers for the European project MIRTHE at the Photonics & RF research laboratory at Málaga University. In September 2013 he joined the Silicon Photonics research group at Paris-Sud University, where he is currently working on the development of silicon transmitters for the European project PLAT4M. His research interests are focused on devices based on subwavelength periodic structures and coherent optical communication systems including polarization diversity and mode division multiplexing.

Weiwei Zhang

Post-doc researcher

Weiwei Zhang received his B.S. from East China normal university (Shanghai, 2012) and Master degree in nanoscience from École normale supérieure de Cachan (2013). He joined the Institute of Fundamental Electronics to do his PhD under ANR POSISLOTproject-Erbium-doped POlymer SIlicon on Insulator SLOw LighT Optical AmPlifier ( 2013-2016 ). Currently, he is developing hollow core photonic structures integrated with compatible active materials ( Er-doped materials, CNTs ) for optical amplification and lasing.

Samuel Serna

Post-doc researcher– also at LCF/Institut d’Optique Graduate School

Samuel Serna did his PhD(2015) in the field of nonlinear silicon photonics. He received the degree in Engineering Physics from the National University of Colombia (Sede Medellin) where he was also the president of the OSA-SPIE student chapter in 2010, and a double master’s degree from the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (Germany) in “Photonics” and the Institute d’Optique Graduate School Paris (France) in “Optics, Matter and Plasmas” (Erasmus Mundus Master program Optics in Science & Technology -OpSciTech). He received a grant from the French ministry of research to accomplish his PhD in IEF. Currently, he is developing novel hybrid devices in Silicon using photonic crystal waveguides and cavities and exploring methodologies to measure their nonlinear properties.


Robert Polster

PhD student

He defended his PhD thesis on Photonics/Electronics systems

Yameng Xu

PhD student

Yameng Xu defended her PhD thesis on photonics crystal

Melissa Ziebell

PhD student

Melissa Ziebell received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Drexel University, USA. She then joined the Erasmus Mundus Master program Optics in Science & Technology (OpSciTech) where she received a M.S in Applied Physics from TU Delft, Netherlands, and a Master in Optics, Matter and Plasma from the Institut’d’Optique Graduate School, France. She defended her PhD on silicon-based integrated transceivers at the Institute of Fundamental Electronics. She is now engineer in Rockley Photonics Inc

Pedro Damas

PhD student

Pedro Damas received his Master’s degree from Universidade do Porto in 2012 on Physics Engineering. During his Master’s he did an Academic Erasmus period in École Polytechnique (Palaiseau – Paris) and his Master’s final project was done in the Microphotonics and Photonic Crystals group of the University of St. Andrews, under the Erasmus Placement program. The developed dissertation concerned the study of the coupling between waveguide and surface plasmon modes on bulk silicon, for optical modulation. He joined the Institute of Fundamental Electronics in 2012 to do his PhD focused on the second order nonlinear optical effects in strained silicon, for high speed and low-loss light modulation.

Thi Hong Cam Hoang

PhD student

Thi Hong Cam Hoang did her PhD on Planar Slot Photonic crystal cavities for the hybrid photonic integration.

Jihua Zhang

PhD student

Jihua Zhang received his B.S. from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2011 on Opto-Information Science and Technology. He joined the Institute of Fundamental Electronics in 2012 as a joint PhD student in nonlinear silicon plasmonics.

Guillaume Levaufre

PhD student – also at III-V Lab

He is working on III-V on silicon laser at the III-V Lab Alcatel-Thales.

A. Abraham

PhD student – also at CEA Leti

Fabien Mandorlo

Post-doc researcher: 2010-2011

Fabien Mandorlo is an engineer from the Ecole Centrale of Lyon. He received the PhD degree from the University of Lyon in 2009. His work on heterogeneous integration of III-V based devices in CMOS platforms lead to the first microdisk LASER fabricated on a 200 mm pilot line (CEA-Leti) with low power and CMOS compatible operation emitting at 1.55 µm. He studied the optimization of the electrical injection using the electrodes absorption and modelled the vertical coupling between the Laser and SOI waveguides. Thanks to a controlled modulation of their coupling conditions (patented structure), a modulated single and multimode lasing emission was experimentally confirmed.
He joined the Silicon Photonic team at IEF in 2010 to work on low cost Si/Ge integrated Avalanche PhotoDiodes (APDs) for FTTH applications in Telecoms. He is now assistant professor in University of Lyon

Etienne Gaufrès

PhD student: 2007-2010

Etienne Gaufrès received the nanotechnology M S degrees from the University of Montpellier II and the University of Montreal. He joins the Silicon Photonics team at the Institute of Fundamental Electronics in 2007 for his PhD. He worked on the photonic properties of carbon nanotubes and their integration in silicon.
He is now in R. Martel’s group at Université de Montréal in Canada.

Johann Osmond

Post-doc researcher: 2008-2009

Johann Osmond graduated from Centrale Marseille (ex ENSPM) in 2001 in Physics. He worked first at Corecom (Milan, Italy) in 2000-2002 on optical communications, then at Corimav – Pirelli Labs (Milan, Italy) in 2002-2004 on polymer photonics and at LNess – Politecnico di Milano (Como, Italy) in 2004-2008 on microfabrication engineering and optoelectronics devices. He completed a PhD from Politecnico di Milano in 2008 with a doctoral thesis entitled “Monolithically integrated Ge/Si photodiodes processed from material grown by Low-Energy Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition”. Since 2008 he has been working at IEF on germanium photodetectors in the frame of the european HELIOS project. He is now researcher in the Institute of Photonic Sciences (Barcelona)

Gilles Rasigade

Post-doc researcher

Gilles Rasigade was born in Paris in 1982. He received the Engineer diploma from the Superior Institute of Electronics and Numerics (ISEN), Toulon, in 2007, and M. S. degree in Physics from the University of Lille, the same year. He defended his PhD thesis in the Silicon-based micro and nanophotonics devices group of the Institute of Fundamental Electronics at the University of Paris, conducting research on all-silicon optical modulators.

Alexandre Beck

Post-doc researcher

Alexandre Beck was working on carbon nanotube photonics.

Marco Lamponi

PhD student

He defended his PhD thesis on III-V devices on silicon with Alcatel-Luccent III-V Lab.

Khanh Van Do

PhD student

DO Khanh Van received the Master degree in Micro and Nano Technology from the Master 2-IST (Information, System and Technology) program collaborated between Pôles Universitaires Français in Hanoi and College of Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2009. Her master thesis was about wavelength-selective property of 1D photonic crystal based on multi-layers porous silicon. She defended her PhD in Silicon Photonics group, Institute of Fundamental Electronics in October 2009 .She was working on gradual photonic crystal.

Nicolas Izard

CNRS researcher

Nicolas Izard received the PhD in material sciences from the University Montpellier II, France, in 2004. His PhD thesis was on the optical limiting properties of carbon nanotubes. In 2004-2005, he held a temporary assistant professor position in University Montpellier II where he studied the Raman spectroscopy of functionalized carbon nanotubes. In 2005, he held a postdoctoral position at the Laboratoire d’Electronique Moleculaire of Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA), Saclay, France, where he studied the transport properties of 2D functionalised nanotubes network. He then obtained a long term fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and joined the Nanotube Research Center of Sumio Iijima at the National Institute for Advance Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Japan, from 2007 to 2009. His research focused on the electronic and optical properties of purely semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes. In 2009, he joined the Institut d’Electronique Fondamental (IEF), and worked on carbon nanotube photonic devices.

Charles Caër

PhD student

Charles Caër graduated from the University of Strasbourg. He received a Master of Sciences’ degree in Micro- and Nano-electronics in 2010. The same year, he first came to IEF and worked in CMO department on electro-thermal transport in graphene nanoribbons. He joined the silicon photonics group for his PhD. He was working on the study of slow light in silicon-based photonic crystal waveguides in collaboration with WNLO (Wuhan National Laboratory of Optics, China).

Trinh Dinh Huy

PhD student

Trinh Dinh Huy was working on carbon nanotubes photonics

Adrien Noury

PhD student

Adrien Noury received Master degree from University of Strasbourg in 2011 and Master degree in engineering from ENSPS the same year, both in Micro-Nano Electronics. His Master internship was at IEF on “carbon nanotubes photoluminescence based biosensor”. He defended his PhD on carbon nanotubes and Laser effect.

Mohamed-Saïd Rouifed

PhD student

He defended his PhD thesis on Ge/SIGe structures for Si photonics.

Léopold Virot

PhD student

I graduated from Polytech’Orléans (ex-ESPEO) in 2008, in Optics, Laser and Plasma. I worked first as research engineer in optical material modelling and characterization at CEA – Leti (2009-2011) and I defended my PhD thesis with STMicroelectronics, IEF and CEA Leti on Ge on Si avalanche photodiodes for high speed and low signal detection.

Suzanne Laval


She joined CNRS in 1967 to work at the Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale (IEF) in Orsay. She received the Doctorat es Sciences in 1973. Her first research work concerned non-linear optics and IR emission from polaritons in crystals. She then demonstrated experimentally ballistic electronic transport in submicron electronic devices by photoconduction measurements. She has been involved in the first developments of optical bistability, optical switching and optical logic devices. Since several years, the main topic she is concerned with is integrated optics and optoelectronic devices on silicon-insulator (SOI) substrates. The first devices which have been realized are modulator arrays to form a spatial light modulator. The main application which is currently aimed at is optical interconnects in microelectronics integrated circuits, using technological processes compatible with the microelectronics ones on SOI substrates. Various kind of devices for optical telecommunications will also be considered on the same SOI substrates.

Nicolàs Abadia

PhD student

Nicolàs Abadia was working on Silicon modulator assisted by plasmons